25 Easy Instant Pot Recipes for the Beginner

Did you forget to take out dinner for tonight? No worries! You can throw it in your Instant Pot and you will have dinner on the table before you know it. Here are some easy Instant Pot recipes for beginners.

Beginner Instant Pot recipes

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As a busy mom, one of my favorite kitchen appliances is my Instant Pot. I love that I can take something out of my freezer and put it in my Instant Pot without having to thaw it first which is a huge time saver for me.

3 Tips Before Using Your Instant Pot

1. Don’t be intimidated

Is your Instant Pot still sitting in its box because you are too afraid to use it? I completely understand. It took me almost 6 months to build up the courage to start using my Instant Pot. 

Now, looking back I realize I had nothing to be scared of because it’s so safe and easy to use. It has become one of my go-to kitchen appliances.

2. It takes time to build up pressure

When making a recipe in your Instant Pot, remember it does take time to build up pressure (around 10 minutes). It can take a bit longer if your food is frozen or if your recipe requires more liquid.

3. Quick release vs. natural release

Before you start using your Instant Pot, you need to be aware of the differences between doing a quick release or letting it release naturally. 

  • Quick Release-  When you manually release pressure after the timer goes off from moving the valve from sealing (when closed it allows steam to build-up) to venting (allows steam to escape).  Be very careful of the steam. I use a long-handled wooden spoon when releasing the valve during a quick release.
  • Natural Release- When you let the steam release on its own. 

If you are ready to begin trying out your new Instant Pot, here is a list of must-have Instant Pot recipes to try that the whole family will enjoy.


25 Easy Instant Pot Recipes for the Beginner

oatmeal in a white bowl with berries


Hard Boiled Eggs-(All the Nourishing Things)

Oatmeal (Longbourn Farm)

sweet potatoes


Sweet Potatoes (A Pinch of Healthy)

Baked Potatoes– (The Intentional Mom)

Mashed Potatoes-(Eating on a Dime)

White Rice-(Dad Cooks Dinner)

Corn on the Cob (This Old Gal)

Macaroni and Cheese (Number 2 Pencil)

Potato Salad(Pressure Cooking Today)



Chicken Noodle Soup(Savory Tooth)

Lasagna Soup (Who Needs A Cape)



Spaghetti and Meatballs(The Typical Mom)

Goulash- (I Don’t Have Time For That!)

Chili-(The Typical Mom)

Meatloaf (I Wash You Dry)

Pot Roast (The Recipe Rebel)

Beef Stew (Savory Tooth)

Egg Roll Bowls (I Don’t Have Time For That!)

Chicken breasts (Margin Making Mom)

Whole Chicken (Healing Gourmet)

Pulled Pork (It’s Peachy Keen)



Applesauce (Tastes Better From Scratch)

Cinnamon Rolls(Aileen Cooks)

Monkey Bread (Skip To My Lou)

Cheesecake-(Dad Cooks Dinner)


I hope these recipes have inspired you to pull that Instant Pot out of its box and start cooking something delicious.

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