50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Boys

Are you on the search for the perfect Easter gifts for your teen boy? Here are 50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Boys.

multi-color chocolate easter eggs foil wrapped and jelly beans

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It’s no secret that teen boys are notoriously hard to buy for. When it comes to birthdays, Christmas or any holiday trying to find the perfect gift can definitely be a challenge. 

But for me, Easter has been the most difficult since my boys have gotten older. Gone are the days when sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and, stuffed rabbits were enough. Once my boys became teenagers, I knew I needed to get creative and find an easier way to assemble their Easter baskets.

Many years ago, I had read about the four-gift rule for Christmas and thought it was so clever. As I’m sure you are aware shopping for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for teen boys can seem impossible.

However, last year this Christmas rule inspired me at Easter. I decided that I would assemble the Easter baskets into four categories to make them as easy as possible when I went Easter shopping. I simply picked a theme, added some snacks, chose a gift card to include, and finished off by adding their favorite candy.

If you have teen boys, you might want to eliminate the “Easter basket” altogether. I know my boys would much prefer to receive their easter goodies in things like tackle boxes, storage baskets (from Dollar Tree), or even a shower caddy. Plus, these items are useful later.

If you are struggling to think of the perfect Easter basket ideas for your teenage son, hopefully, this list of over 50 ideas will make Easter shopping much easier for you this year.

 50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Boys


Pick a Theme

Picking a theme can be as easy as just choosing something that you know that they love. Do they love all things tech? Or a favorite television series that they can’t miss? Add 2-3 items from the ideas below to start assembling the perfect Easter basket.

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Add some snacks

Besides gift cards, snacks are always on the top of my teen’s wishlist for gifts. Here are a few ideas your teen may like.

  • Chips (my boys love pringles) The small cans or small bags of chips work great for this.
  • Peanuts, Almonds or Pistachio
  • Sunflower Seeds (my boys enjoy the flavored kinds like ranch and dill pickle)
  • Beef Jerky or Slim Jims
  • Combos
  • Popcorn

Choose a Gift Card

Gift Cards for the win. When it comes to teen boys, give cards seem to be the number one most requested gift to receive.

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Google Play
  • Restaurants like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Starbucks are always a hit.
  • Movie Gift Cards
  • Walmart, Target, or Best Buy.

Finish with Favorite Candy

Of course, what would an Easter basket be without some of their favorite candy? Here are a few ideas for some candy your teenager might enjoy.

  • Skittles
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny (no matter how old my kids get, this is a must-have.)
  • Bean Boozled game
  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
  • Cadbury creme eggs
  • Gum
  • Mints

There you go. I hope these Easter basket ideas for Teen Boys have been helpful to you and it makes your Easter shopping a breeze this year.

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