Easy DIY Farmhouse Wreath Tutorial

Looking for ways to make a popular farmhouse wreath on a budget? Check out this easy DIY Farmhouse Wreath Tutorial to add some simple rustic charm to your home this year.

Easy wreath tutorial

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I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive and easy DIY project especially when it comes to home decor. Finding cheap ways to decorate my home is one of my absolute favorite things to do, whether it’s using yard sale or thrift store finds or visiting my local Dollar Tree.

This easy DIY farmhouse wreath will add some rustic charm to your home while only costing less than $10 to make. Almost all of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree with the exception of the grapevine wreath that I already had and the lamb’s ear greenery which I bought at Walmart.

Since I usually change my wreaths out with the season, this summer I decided to make a farmhouse style wreath that was simple and welcoming. The best part (besides the price) was that it was so easy to put together. In this tutorial, I will not only show you how to decorate the wreath but teach you how simple it is to make a bow and to transfer printer ink to wood by just using a pencil.

Welcome your friends and family with this easy DIY farmhouse wreath. Let’s get started!

farmhouse diy wreath

Easy DIY Farmhouse Wreath Tutorial

Before we get started, there are few supplies you will need. Although these came from the Dollar Tree, you can probably find many of the supplies at other dollar stores and definitely at a craft store if you have one nearby.

wreath supplies

You will need:

  • (1) grapevine wreath- you can usually find these at any department store (craft section) or at a craft store for less than $5. But, keep an eye out at garage sales or thrift stores because you can find decorated grapevine wreaths for a couple of dollars. Just remove the flowers and use them for another project.
  • lamb’s ear (Walmart)- I picked up one bunch but if you would like your wreath to be fuller, you can always pick up another one.
  • (1) stem of berries (Dollar Tree)– They had red, white, and blue for colors. (you could use a mix of all three for a patriotic theme.) I wanted a subtle pop of color so I chose the blue.
  • (1) roll of wired burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree)– unfortunately, I couldn’t find plain burlap ribbon at the Dollar Tree, so I got a roll with lace on it, which I ended up removing.
  • (1) roll of white sheer ribbon (Dollar Tree)– I chose white sheer because I wanted something neutral that would still allow you to see the burlap underneath. But, you could always get some buffalo check print or a plaid print ribbon if you want to add more color.
  • (1) wood arrow sign (Dollar Tree)- I saw this and thought it would be a perfect house. I removed the jute rope on the side and filled in the holes.
  • (1) wired jute cord (Dollar Tree)- this is optional but you can use it to hold the bow together if you don’t have floral wire.  You can also use twist ties if you want (I know I always have a hundred a lot on hand at all times).
  • sharpie marker– The Dollar Tree sells sharpie markers so you can pick up one there or I like to use the oil-based sharpie paint markers when I make wood signs.
  • white acrylic paint- I like to use the FolkArt paint from Walmart for small craft projects. It has a nice matte finish and you can buy a paint set inexpensively. If you are just looking for individual craft paints, Apple Barrel acrylic paint works good and it’s less than a dollar.

How to make a burlap bow

lace and burlap ribbon

The first thing I did was to pull off the lace from the burlap. It came off very easily as it was just sewn on.  Then I measured and cut (5) sixteen-inch pieces and folded them in half. I also cut one 12 inch piece for the tail.

burlap ribbon in circle

Next, you can either hot glue or staple them into a circle. Unfortunately, I realized I was out of hot glue sticks so I pulled out my stapler and just stapled the ends together.

burlap on top of ribbon

Then, I just cut the same sizes in my sheer ribbon and put them around the burlap circles, and stapled them again. Of course, you can do it all in one step and staple or hot glue once but this way worked best for me.

burlap and ribbon

Lay the burlap/ribbon circles on top of each other to form a star. Then gather in the middle with the wire or twist tie.

ribbon and burlap bow

To finish your bow, just maneuver the ribbon to get it how you like. Then, take your 12-inch piece and cut a v-shape on the end. and use another piece of wire to attach to the back of your bow.

Adding your greenery and berries

wreath with lambs ear

Now, that your bow is complete, it’s time to add your greenery and berries to your grapevine wreath. You can hot glue your greenery on or just weave the stems through your wreath. I like to weave them in because I change my wreath out for the season. Again, if you want your farmhouse wreath to be fuller then just add more greenery.

wreath with berries and burlap

Once I added my lamb’s ear, I attached my bow with another piece of wire in the middle of the greenery. Then I weaved the stems of the berries on the top and bottom.

How to transfer an image to wood

dollar tree wood arrow

The first thing you want to do is remove the jute rope from your Dollar Tree arrow and fill in the cracks with wood filler or caulking ( we usually always have a spare tube around the house so I used this). Then, I painted it with the white acrylic paint and let it dry while I printed my Welcome to our home printable.  (I made the printable in mirror image so it’s ready to print out exactly as it is).pencil over transfer

Once your paint is dry on your house and you’ve printed out the printable (see above-in case you missed it). Turn the paper face down so that the ink is on the wood. Then, using a pencil firmly shade over where the design would be.

pencil transfer on wood

When you are finished, the design will be transferred to your wood. Grab your sharpie or paint pen and carefully go over the design. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect- that’s what makes it original.

I love using this method for all the signs in my home as well as inexpensive vinyl quotes from the Dollar Tree. ( be on the lookout for a future post where I am going to share how I create these cute signs.)

Lastly, I tied some twine to the bottom of the house that I had on hand but you can use more ribbon or some jute rope.

Welcome to Our Home DIY Farmhouse Wreath

Farmhouse style diy wreath

And that’s all there is to it! So easy and affordable. For less than $10 you have created a DIY farmhouse wreath that can cost $50 or higher on Etsy. Plus, one of the best parts is that you can completely customize it any way you like just by adding different greenery and ribbon.

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