10 Quick 10 Minute Decluttering Tasks

Are you ready to declutter your home? I have 10 quick and easy decluttering tasks that can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Declutter in your home dishes and utensils

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Since the popularity of Marie Kondo’s books more and more people are discovering the benefits of decluttering their homes, myself included.

The KonMari method encourages us to pull everything out at once to see if it “sparks joy”. But, as motivating as this is, we quickly begin to realize how time-consuming it can be too.

Why is it so hard to find time to declutter?

Life is crazy busy. As much as we want to put everything on hold so we can tackle the clutter. We also know that it can be impossible because of the thousands of other things that have to be done on a day-to-day basis. 

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How to start decluttering when it’s too overwhelming?

Decluttering can be so overwhelming especially when you try to do too much at once, eventually you may get discouraged and give up.

It’s better to start small and concentrate on one task at a time. Each completed task will feel like a small victory and will motivate you to declutter more. If it still feels like too much, start a 30-day decluttering challenge. 

Or, you can also try using these 5 beginner decluttering tips which may help when you are feeling so guilty you can’t let things go. 

But, trust me once you get started it will get easier. Take it day by day and keep reminding yourself how much better your home will be when it’s not overflowing with clutter.

Remember every little bit adds up!

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 10 Quick Decluttering Tasks That Take 10 Minutes or Less


1. Kitchen utensil drawer

This is one of the easiest places to start when decluttering. I will work on mine when I am in the kitchen preparing dinner and have a few minutes.

First, take everything out of the drawer and wipe the drawer out. Clean the silverware holder and put it back in. Then, go through all utensils and pull out any duplicates or gadgets that you haven’t used in a while, and put back those you want to keep.

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2. Mail

Mail can definitely get out of control if you don’t keep up with it. But, luckily it doesn’t take long to go through and declutter. 

The best way to do this is to separate your mail into 3 piles. A pile that has mail that you want to keep out (bills, appointment reminders), a pile to file away (important mail you want to keep), and a pile to toss/shred.

refrigerator with juice, milk, fruit and vegetables inside

3.  The Refrigerator

Go through your fridge and toss any leftovers, expired items, or food that’s gone bad. Give it a quick wipe.

4. Junk Drawer

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen that contains anything and everything? Most people do. In my home, it’s definitely the one drawer that could use the most attention but it’s also the one that I put off doing the most. When in reality, it only takes a few minutes to go through and it’s done.

Some things it may contain:

  • Pencils, pens, highlighters, and sharpie markers
  • Scissors, Tape, rubber bands, and paper clips
  • Post-it notes, pads of paper
  • Small tools

The best way to declutter a junk drawer is to pull everything out and put it on your counter placing like items together. Wipe out the drawer and then go through your pens, highlighters, and markers to make sure they are still working. Toss anything that isn’t. Sharpen pencils and toss any garbage that has found its way into the drawer. Replace all items that belong and take care of those that don’t. You can use small organizing baskets from the dollar store to keep like items together. 

5.  The Pantry

Pull out any spices, and baking supplies that have expired.  Take out any items that haven’t been used or you don’t want. Consider donating them to a local food pantry. 

6. Kitchen Cupboards

Are your plastic containers out of control? I can relate. I always end up with an overabundance of plastic containers spilling out of my cupboards.

Take 10 minutes and toss any without lids or lids that don’t match up with any container. 

Get rid of any chipped plates or glasses.

Opened magazine on table

7. Magazines

Take a few minutes and go through any magazines you’ve recently received. Get rid of the ones you have already read.

8. Email

It can just take a few quick minutes to scan through your email and delete any emails that you no longer want or are not interested in. 

You can also unsubscribe to emails you don’t want to receive any longer to make it easier for next time.

9. Medicine Cabinet

Tackle your medicine cabinet by disposing of anything that’s expired or you are no longer planning to use. Just make sure that you are doing it safely and following all regulations of proper disposal.

10. Purse/Wallet

Spend 10 minutes pulling out any receipts to file away. Dispose of any gum wrappers, dried-out pens, scrap paper, or old appointment cards.

After you are done tackling these quick and easy 10-minute decluttering tasks, you can look around your home to find any other areas that you would like to declutter. Here are 106 places you can start decluttering to give you some ideas. 

Remember being successful at something is finding what works for you.

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