Quick Power Hour Cleaning Tips

Are you struggling to find time to clean your house and get that to-do list accomplished?  Then check out these Quick Power Hour Cleaning Tips to tackle those cleaning tasks in no time.

Power Hour Cleaning with clock and cleaning supplies

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It can be hard to find time to clean when there are so many other things pulling for our attention. Whether it’s work, kids, errands, or just everyday responsibilities, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. The to-list continues to grow and constantly gets pushed aside as the kids have appointments and you have errands to run and work to accomplish. Just finding the motivation to clean can sometimes feel impossible.

Although, I am a firm believer in having a weekly cleaning routine to keep your home tidy. I realize that everyone’s situation is different.

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Maybe you are struggling just to make it out the door on time for work in the morning or trying to get the kids ready for school when everyone is going in a hundred different directions. You barely have enough time much less the energy to get all the things done that need doing. The thought of adding a weekly cleaning routine to the mix is overwhelming and stressful. Your plate is already full.

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Or maybe you just prefer to get all your cleaning done at once (or mostly done– this isn’t a deep clean after all). You would prefer not to break up your tasks into different days but rather pick one day and devote a chunk of time to complete many tasks at once.

If this sounds like you, then setting aside time one day a week and doing a power hour cleaning may be just what you need to tackle the clutter and get that to-do list done.

Before you start, there are a few small daily tasks that you should start implementing into your days. You don’t have to but it will help you to clean more efficiently in your weekly power hour.

Quick Daily tasks: (10-15 minutes a day)

  • Control the clutter– If your mornings are too rushed then do a quick pick up after dinner (get the kids to help). You can always put a basket out and throw items in it and take care of them when it’s more convenient for you.
  • Wipe surfaces– Do a quick wipe of surfaces after breakfast and dinner in the kitchen. Also, spend a minute and wipe down your bathroom sink and toilet.
  • Quick sweep– After dinner, do a quick sweep to get any crumbs off the floor.
  • Dishes– Try and keep up with dishes throughout the week whenever you can.

You will find that the more consistently you stick to these few simple tasks every day then they will start to become a habit. Then, you will be able to complete a lot more jobs allowing you to breeze through that to-do list.

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Power Hour Cleaning Tips


Make a list

Start with a list of the things you want to accomplish. Focus on the tasks that are most important to you. Below you will find an example of the types of tasks that I like to do during my power hour cleaning.

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Stay Motivated

The second thing you can do before you start your power hour is to put on some music, an audiobook, or turn on a podcast. Utilize anything that will help you stay motivated to keep going for the entire hour. You can think of it as another way to get your cardio in for the day.

Turn off distractions

Make sure you turn off any unnecessary distractions. Remember the goal is to try and get as much done as you can. Turn off your phone, find something to keep your kids busy for an hour so you won’t be disturbed.

Gather your supplies

Have a caddy of all the supplies that you will need. Cleaning will go so much more quickly when you have cleaning supplies handy instead of running back and forth to get them.

A few things that I keep in my cleaning caddy are:

Set your Timer

You can turn on your phone just long enough to set your timer or if you have an Alexa ask her to set a timer for you.

Start Cleaning


Collect Clutter

Grab a basket and quickly start collecting any clutter that you have laying around. Go room to room putting the items in the basket to take care of later. Don’t stop and take care of them now just focus on getting them collected. It will be a good project for the kids to help out with later.

(If you have been able to keep up with the clutter through the week then this should go quickly.)

Focus on one room at a time


Put dishes in the Dishwasher or fill up your sink with soapy water to soak while you continue cleaning.

Wipe all counters, tables, and appliances down.


Spray down all surfaces including the toilet
Clean mirrors
Wipe down shower/bath

Do a quick sweep and mop

Family Room/ Living Room/Bedrooms

Quick dust of surfaces

If your hour isn’t over yet then you can go back and wash the dishes in the sink or start putting away the clutter you collected at the beginning.

On busy weeks, when I’m not able to stick to my weekly cleaning routine which has happened a lot over the summer. Then, I do this Power Hour Cleaning on Saturday mornings. I just make a list of all the tasks I wasn’t able to complete throughout the week and try to tackle as many as I can in an hour.

If you find you are struggling to get everything done within the hour:

  • Pick up your clutter first and then start your timer to focus on cleaning within the hour
  • You can try and schedule another power hour on another day of the week

Do you have extra time?

  • Make it a double power hour to work on some decluttering tasks or deep cleaning.
Looking for more decluttering motivation?

By using a power hour once a week, I have been able to keep on top of all my cleaning tasks when I’m too busy to stick to a weekly cleaning routine. I hope these tips work for you too!

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