10 Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Learn how to keep your kitchen clean in just 10 minutes every day with this 10 Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist.

Woman wiping kitchen counter with green cloth

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There is nothing worse than waking up to dirty dishes in the sink and clutter on the counters from dinner the night before. Using this quick 10-minute clean will help you stay on top of your kitchen cleaning all week long so it’s not piling up.

Although it may not seem possible, you can clean your kitchen in just 10 minutes a day. The secret to having a cleaner kitchen with less effort and time is maintaining it.

Simply spending a few minutes every day to stay on top of the mess and clutter will keep your home consistently clean. Instead of dropping things on counters and leaving things out, take a minute to put things back. A minute here and there picking up will save hours of your time later.

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Why Should You Use This 10-Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist?

Taking some time every morning (or evening) to stay on top of your cleaning tasks will prevent you from having to deep clean your home so often. No, one likes to spend hours on the weekend cleaning. We would prefer to spend time doing things that we enjoy rather than being stuck cleaning the kitchen all day.  

10-Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

cleaning supplies in cleaning caddy on kitchen counter

Gather supplies

Before you start cleaning, take a few minutes and gather your supplies. If you don’t have one yet, assemble a cleaning caddy. Add some of your favorite cleaning supplies so that when you are ready to clean all you have to do is pull them out and everything is handy. It will save valuable time so you are not going back and forth to get supplies. 

Here are a few cleaning supplies I recommend keeping on hand for cleaning the kitchen:

Print Your Free Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

After you have gathered your supplies, print out my free 10-minute kitchen cleaning checklist (below) to help motivate you and keep you on task.

You will find that once you’ve completed this 10-minute kitchen cleaning a few times, it will start to become a habit, and eventually, you won’t need it.  However, I’ve found checklists to be extremely helpful when you are just getting started.

10 Minute Kitchen Cleaning Printable10 Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Printable

Pick up Clutter

The first thing you will find on the kitchen cleaning checklist is to collect all the clutter. Start by throwing away any garbage and then grab a basket to put anything that doesn’t belong on the counters or table.

You can go back later to take care of the items you collected. This will allow you to stay focused on just cleaning the kitchen without getting sidetracked by starting to clean another room in your home.

A quick tip: Putting the items away would be a great job for your kids to do when they come home from school. Or if you have young children at home, you can make it a game for them and they can work on it while you are cleaning.

If you want to make your cleaning even easier, here are 30 things you can get rid of in your kitchen today.

Learn some easy tips to start decluttering your entire home:

Fill the sink with soapy water

Once the clutter is picked up and the basket is put off to the side, then fill your sink with hot soapy water. This way your dishes can soak while you start cleaning the kitchen.

If you don’t have a dishwasher and you know your dishes may need a little more soaking time before you can wash them, do this step before picking up the clutter.

Wipe counters

Grab your favorite cleaner and spray your counters and table and then wipe off with a cloth. Move on to the stove and do the same, you can use a non-abrasive sponge or magic eraser to remove any stuck-on food. 

I also like to do a quick wipe of the microwave, and the front of the refrigerator and dishwasher.

woman using dust mop on floor

Sweep or vacuum the floor

By this point, the clutter has been picked up and the counters wiped down. Take a minute to do a quick sweep or vacuum of the floor. 

Since we have 2 cats and 1 dog in our home, I try to do a quick mop at least once a day. However, I realize this may not be possible for everyone so aim for at least a couple of times a week. 

Looking for a way to keep your home clean when you have pets?

Wash the dishes/fill the dishwasher

The last thing I will usually do when cleaning my kitchen is to wash the dishes that are in the sink and load the dishwasher. Then, I just wipe out the sink.

That’s it. You will notice, I didn’t change or take out the garbage. I usually do this in my nightly cleaning routine after dinner but if you would prefer to get it taken care of in the morning. You can add it as the last step.

How to Make This 10-Minute Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Work for You

Keep in mind if you haven’t cleaned your kitchen in a while then it will probably take you longer than 10 minutes especially if you have a sink full of dishes as it will probably take the entire 10 minutes to get the dishes clean. However, if you start implementing these steps each day for a week. You’ll notice that you’ll become more efficient at your cleaning tasks and get them done much faster.

In total, I usually spend 15 minutes doing my complete morning cleaning routine which includes this kitchen cleaning as well as my bathroom clean.  This helps me stay on top of my cleaning every week. Of course, there are always those times when I let things slide a little (especially in summer when I would prefer to be outside). This is when I will do a power hour cleaning to get my house back in shape. 

If it’s not possible for you to carve out 15 minutes consecutively in your day (this can be especially hard when you have young children), break up your tasks into manageable chunks. 

Take advantage of any small moment you can. Do you have 5 minutes while you are making breakfast to fill the sink with hot soapy water? After the kids have eaten lunch can you squeeze in a few minutes to quickly sweep the floor? Try to fit in these tasks whenever it’s convenient for you. 

You can also try using my 5-minute cleaning tasks checklist and work on small tasks in your home throughout the day.

Kitchen sink and counters with utensils

Helpful Tips for Keeping a Cleaner Home

 One of the best things that I did when my boys were younger was to start using cleaning routines and habits to help me stay on top of my daily cleaning. Simple things like encouraging everyone in the household to pick up after themselves greatly reduced the amount of time I spent picking up clutter. 

Print out my free daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists to see how I stay on top of my everyday cleaning.

Free Cleaning Checklists

Remember this quick kitchen cleaning is not a deep clean you can use my deep cleaning challenge for that or my seasonal cleaning checklists below:

Learn to Keep Your Home Consistently Clean

When it comes to keeping your house clean, it may not be something that we want to do but we know that it has to be done. So our choices are either to procrastinate and let it pile up making more work for us later or to establish small habits that keep our home consistently clean.

A few things that help to keep your home clean all the time are:

  • Clean up while you are cooking or after you eat.
  • Put things back where they belong after you use them.
  • Don’t let mail, school papers, or magazines pile up. Deal with them the minute they come into your home.
  • Find ways to make cleaning fun like listening to music to help you stay motivated to clean.

Don’t let a messy home overwhelm you, these easy tips along with a few simple cleaning hacks will help you keep your home clean all the time.

You will find that eventually, these habits will become second nature. When you leave a room, you will do a quick scan and pick up, you will start to wipe your counters after meals, sweep your floor and do your dishes before bed or in the morning. Remember consistency is always key for keeping a cleaner home.

Plant in white pot and white towel on wood tray

Want your whole home cleaned fast? Try these speed-cleaning hacks:

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