20 Easy Theme Night Dinner Ideas

If you are someone who finds themselves making the same dinners over and over again then these 20 Easy Theme Night Dinner Ideas may just be what you are looking for to change up your weekly meal plan.

Theme night dinners for easy meal planning

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Meal planning can be challenging. When I first started monthly meal planning, I struggled to come up with so many meal ideas at one time.

It wasn’t until I came up with some strategies to help me be more successful that I began to really enjoy meal planning.

Besides, keeping pantry staples on hand and making freezer meals when I need dinner in a hurry, using theme night dinners has been the ultimate time-saver when planning our meals.

What are theme night dinners?

Theme night dinners are when you pick a theme for your meals every night. So, on Monday you choose a theme (in our home it’s Italian night) and you can either try a new recipe or make a family favorite using that theme. Then, you simply do this for every day of the week.  

Why should people use theme night dinners?


  • A theme night meal plan eliminates a lot of the stress that comes with trying to come up with so many different dinner ideas.
  • It inspires you to try out a few new recipes. I know it has encouraged me to dust off some of my old cookbooks.
  • It prevents you from making the same meals night after night. 
  • Helps you save money on groceries because you are only buying what you need to plan your meals.
  • You don’t eat out as frequently because you know what you are having for dinner every night.

This guide will give you an idea of how I plan our theme meals for the week but you can change things around so it works for you. I’ve included some alternate ideas just for that reason.

Looking for easy and inexpensive meal ideas?

Theme Night Dinners

Spaghetti on white plate

Monday- Italian Night

My boys love pasta recipes so we decided to make Monday’s Italian Night. Here are a few of the  Italian meals that we enjoy in our home:

  • spaghetti and meatballs
  • lasagna
  • baked ziti
  • chicken parmesan
  • chicken alfredo

Some other suggestions are Meatless Monday or Mexican Monday.

Tacos on a white plate

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday

Tacos are a huge favorite in our home so that is what we choose to eat on Tuesdays. Here are a few other options that we like making on Tuesdays:

  • enchiladas
  • nachos
  • fajitas
  • taco salad
  • quesadillas

Some other suggestions for Tuesdays could be Try-it Tuesday or Take-out Tuesday.

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Scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon on a white plate

Wednesday- Breakfast Night

As much as I wish I could prepare a nice big breakfast every weekend for the family, it rarely happens with our busy schedule.

However, since breakfast is a family favorite we decided to include it in our theme nights.

Some of our go-to breakfast ideas for dinner include:

  • egg casseroles
  • french toast casserole
  • pancakes
  • omelets
  • breakfast burritos
Here are a few more easy breakfast ideas:

Some other suggestions are Chicken Dinner Wednesday or Kid’s Choice Wednesday.

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Rotisserie chicken, vegetables and fruit and noodle on a table

Thursday- Try Something New Thursday

Thursday is the day that I will check Pinterest or go through some of my cookbooks to find a new recipe that I would like to try.


Some other suggestions are for an Asian Food Night or Kids Cook Night

Pizza with tomatoes on pizza plate

Friday- Pizza Night

Pizza is one of my favorite meals so any excuse to include it in one of our theme nights, I couldn’t pass up.

As much as we love traditional pizza, we also like to try out different types of pizza such as:

  • barbecue chicken pizza
  • buffalo chicken pizza
  • breakfast pizza

Here are 34 Delicious Homemade Pizza Recipes you can add to your meal plan that are perfect for busy nights.

On Fridays, we also enjoy calzones or strombolis. Some other suggestions for Friday night are Family Favorites or Seafood Night

Chicken and vegetable soup in white bowl

Saturday- Souper Saturday

During the summer months, this is actually Grilling Saturday but once fall arrives we change it to Souper Saturday. 

Some of our favorite soups/stews are:

  • broccoli cheddar 
  • tomato macaroni
  • vegetable soup
  • chicken noodle
  • chili
  • beef stew

If soup isn’t for you, then you could also have a Leftover night or a Salad night.

Slow cooked roast with vegetables on white platter

Sunday- Slow Cook Sundays

On Sundays, I try to prepare something in the slow cooker. Sundays are all about family for us, so not having to think about spending the day preparing dinner is a bonus.

You could also try Casserole Sunday (Here are some of our favorite chicken casserole recipes and ground beef casseroles.

Don’t forget about dessert:

Plate of pasta with tomatoes and chicken

Meal planning can be such a great way to save money and get the family involved in the planning process.

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