Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

Find out how you can deep clean your home this fall by using a fall deep cleaning checklist. Get your home sparkling clean just in time for the holiday season.

cleaning counter for fall cleaning

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Although, we hear a lot about spring cleaning and getting your house back in order after the long, cold winter. We don’t often hear about fall deep cleaning. Maybe because we are so focused on back to school and preparing for the holidays. But, actually fall is the perfect time to deep clean your home.  It reminds us to clean the things we may have let slide during the summer.

I use morning, nightly, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules to stay on top of my cleaning chores however when summer rolls around I will admit I’m not as diligent as keeping my house clean as I am through the rest of the year.

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Free Cleaning Checklists

Since summer is my absolute favorite season and any chance I can get outside to soak up the sun, garden, or read a good book on our back deck I take it because I know that all too soon the cold weather will be back.

Even though it’s important to try and stick to your cleaning routines to stay on top of your cleaning, life happens and there are always going to be times when you are finding it difficult to keep your house clean.

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During this time, I will speed clean my home or use a power hour to catch up. But, by the end of August as my kids are heading back to school. I realize that it’s time to start thinking about deep cleaning my home for fall.

My goal is to use the months of September and October to get my home deep cleaned before it starts to get hectic around the holidays. While I adore the holiday season, it can get stressful at times. So, getting all the big cleaning done beforehand, allows me to spend more time focusing on family and the holiday festivities.

As you will see, my fall deep cleaning schedule is very similar to my spring cleaning as it concentrates on areas that have been overlooked such as under the furniture or on top of cabinets.

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How to Deep Clean Your Home


When thinking about deep cleaning your home, no matter what time of year it is you need to sit down and make a plan of attack. I break it down from room to room to help you stay on task. Find what works for you by choosing where to start. You can focus on one room a day or divide the tasks in each room over a week.

Before you start cleaning there are some cleaning supplies you will need to make your deep cleaning go more smoothly.

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Duster with extension
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Furniture Polish
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Vinegar- use to clean your mirrors and windows
  • Baking soda- works as a great carpet deodorizer- just sprinkle, let sit for a few minutes, and vacuum up 
  • Mop
  • Broom
  • Vacuum

Deep Cleaning Tips

Clear the clutter

If you want to make deep cleaning your home quicker and easier, the best things you can do is to declutter first. It can be a challenge trying to deep clean when you are constantly moving piles of stuff to clean under.

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Clean from top to bottom

When you begin cleaning your home, make sure you are always cleaning from top to bottom. This will allow all the dust and dirt to fall to the floor so you are not constantly going back to reclean what has already been done.

Have pets and want a better way to keep your home clean?

Staying motivated

Sometimes, it can be hard to stay motivated to clean when there are so many more appealing things to do. But, it helps when you can listen to music, an audiobook, or podcast. Before you start your deep clean, make a playlist of all your favorite songs or you can ask Alexa to play something to keep you motivated.

Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

Print out my free fall cleaning checklist below to help you stay on task and keep you motivated as you deep clean your home.

white kitchen


  • Dust all corners for cobwebs
  • Dust on top of cabinets
  • Wipe down the top of the refrigerator
  • Wipe down outside of cabinets
  • Wash walls and baseboards
  • Clean windows, windowsills, and doors
  • Dust blinds
  • Wash curtains
  • Wipe down light switches and light fixtures
  • Remove items from cupboards and wipeout
  • Clean out drawers and wipe down
  • Wipe refrigerator down and pull out shelves and clean
  • Deep clean oven
  • Clean inside of the microwave
  • Deep clean dishwasher (wipe down with vinegar to remove scale and then put a cup of vinegar on the top rack and start dishwasher)
  • Pull out appliances and sweep/mop behind
  • Vacuum and mop floor

white livingroom with fireplace

Living room/Family Room

  • Dust corners for cobwebs
  • Dust wall art and pictures
  • Dust the blinds
  • Dust television and any media stands or shelves
  • Dust plants, light fixtures, and furniture
  • Clean doors and light switches
  • Clean walls and baseboards
  • Wash windows
  • Wash curtains/drapes
  •  Clean throw blankets and pillows
  • Spot clean cushions
  • Remove sofa cushions to vacuum
  • Vacuum carpet or mop floors
  • Move all furniture and vacuum underneath

Don’t forget to check and change the batteries in your smoke alarms when doing your fall deep clean.

clean bathroom


  • Clean out any cupboards or drawers and wipe down
  • Clean out the medicine cabinet
  • Scrub toilet
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean shower including showerhead
  • Wash shower curtain
  • Replace shower liner
  • Wash bathroom curtains
  • Wash bath mats
  • Dust the blinds
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards
  • Clean windows/blinds
  • Sweep and Mop

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clean bedroom


  • Dust furniture and light fixtures
  • Clean windows/windowsills
  • Dust blinds
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards
  • Wash all bedding and pillows
  • Wash curtains
  • Move and vacuum beneath the furniture.
  • Vacuum carpets/mop floors
  • Switch out your summer clothes with fall/winter clothing

Despite how you feel about cleaning, it still must be done. You can make your life easier by implementing simple and effective cleaning routines in your day so your home stays consistently tidy and clean.

But, even when you are staying on top of your cleaning tasks, it’s good to give your home a deep cleaning and fall is the best time to jump right in and get it done. That way you are prepared when the holidays roll around so you are spending more time with the family and less time cleaning.


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