90 Places People Forget to Clean in Their Homes

Are you forgetting to clean these things in your home? Check out this list of the 90 places people forget to clean in their homes.

Places people forget to clean laundry room

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Lately, I have started getting the itch to spring clean my home. I’m so ready for winter to be over so that I can open up the windows to let the fresh air in and soak up the sunshine.

Although, deep cleaning my home isn’t my favorite thing to do. I know how much better I feel when I have completed the task. Plus, getting it done in the spring, allows me to enjoy more time outside during the summer instead of being stuck in the house cleaning.

Looking for ways to clean your home fast?

As I pulled out my spring cleaning checklist and started to make a plan to begin, it got me thinking about all the places in our homes that we may forget to clean on a regular basis.

Even though I try to consistently keep up with my morning, nightlyweekly, and monthly cleaning schedules there are things that I miss here and there. This is why I thought creating this list would help keep me accountable in case I’ve missed something. Maybe this list can help you too.

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90 Places People Forget to Clean in Their Home

Here is a list of all the places that you should be cleaning but may be missing in your home.

woman wiping refrigerator with pink cloth


The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where we seem to spend the most time in, gathering, talking, and eating. So, it’s no surprise that this list is the longest. 

1. Behind the refrigerator

2. On top of the refrigerator

3. Refrigerator shelves

4. Ice cube trays

5. Kitchen Table Legs

6. Kitchen Chairs

7. Microwave (inside, on top, and underneath)- to clean the inside of the microwave, fill a bowl with a ½ cup of vinegar and a ½ cup of water and place it into the microwave until it starts boiling. I usually do it until the microwave door looks like it’s starting to steam up. Then, just wait for a few minutes before you wipe out. It’s as easy as that.

8. Coffee maker-an easy way to clean your coffee pot is to run some vinegar through first and then run water through a few times after until the vinegar smell is gone.

9. Kitchen utensil drawer

10. Backsplash

11. Cabinets

12. Under cabinets

13. Oven drawer-I rarely use my oven drawer so this is one of those places that are easily forgotten.

14. Oven racks

15. Stovetop burners

16. Vent hood– these can get really greasy, you may want to invest in a degreaser to make cleaning this easier.

17. Garbage cans (inside and out)

18. Inside the sink– you can keep your sink shiny and clean with this powder cleanser.

19. Sink stoppers

20. Under the sink

21. Small Appliances (toasters, blenders, mixers, can openers, etc.)

22. Dishwasher (inside and outside)- place a cup of white vinegar in your dishwasher and run it through a cycle and then wipe clean.

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woman with yellow cleaning gloves wiping a grey couch

Living Room

The living room is the place where we relax, watch television, and snack which can lead to crumbs getting between the cushions and under furniture. Here are some places you may be missing in the living room.

23. Remote Controls– the best way to clean these is to dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and wipe over the entire remote. You can also grab a toothpick to get into any small crevices. You can also use disinfecting wipes if you prefer.

24. TV screen

25. Behind and under furniture- this vacuum has made it so easy to maneuver around my furniture because it’s so lightweight and has such great suction.

26. Under furniture cushions

27. End stands 

28. Throw pillows

29. Throw blankets


So, you are probably cleaning all the obvious spots in the bathroom such as the sinks, mirrors, toilet, and bathtub/shower. But, there may be some spots that you have completely forgotten about and you didn’t even realize it.

30. Shower Curtains

31. Bathtub/Shower Drain

32. Shelves in your Bath/Shower

33. Shower Door

34. Showerhead– if you have build-up on your shower head the best way to clean it is to fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and place it over the showerhead. Make sure the showerhead is immersed and secure with a rubber band and let it soak for a few hours or overnight if it’s really bad.

35. Garbage can

36. Under the Sink

37. Behind the toilet

38. Toilet plunger

39. Toilet brush

40. Medicine cabinet– the medicine cabinet can not only get cluttered with stuff but it can get really dusty and dirty. The best thing to do is to pull everything out and declutter. Throw out anything you are no longer using or that has expired and then wipe out the inside before replacing the items you plan to keep.

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41. Toothbrush holder

42. Bathroom exhaust fan

43. Bath mats

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Electronics can get really dusty plus they are hot spots for touching as they are used so frequently. Look around your home office to see if there are any other hidden places you may be missing.

44. Computer Mouse

45. Computer Keyboard

46. Computer Screenthese electronic wipes are perfect for safely cleaning your electronic devices.

47. Pens and Pencils

grey baskets with clothes on bed and closet in the background


Since we usually don’t spend as much awake time in the bedroom as we do in other rooms in the house it can often get overlooked. Take a minute to look in your closets or under the bed and add those tasks to your cleaning routine.

48. Closet floor

49. Mattress

50. Pillows– to avoid having your pillows clump up after washing, you can put one or two tennis balls in a sock and throw them in the dryer with your pillow. 

51. Under the bed

52. Drawers

Have pets and want a better way to keep your home clean?

Laundry Room

Cleaning the washer is not usually something that you think about cleaning. After all, how dirty can it get? It’s the thing that is cleaning our clothes. But, like anything every now and then it needs a little TLC to make sure that it continues to run as it should.

53. Dryer vent

54. Lint trap

55. Washer (inside and out)

56. Dryer (inside and out)

57. Behind the washer and dryer

58. Laundry hampers

59. Laundry baskets

All Rooms

Here are some of the things that are probably scattered throughout your house in multiple locations. Take a look to see if there is anything on the list that you may be missing when you clean.

60. Light Fixtures

61. Lamps and lampshades

62. Window Sills

63. Curtains

64. Baseboards

65. Picture Frames

66. Doors

67. Door frames

68. Top of Doors

69. Doorknobs

70. Light Switches

71. Area Rugs

72. Carpets-you can keep carpets smelling fresh by sprinkling some baking soda over the carpet and letting it sit for a few hours and then vacuum as you normally would.

73. Walls

74. Handrails

75. Cleaning tools (vacuums, mop, or sponges)- an easy way to clean your sponges is to throw them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.

76. Ceiling fans– This duster is the perfect solution for cleaning these because of the extendable handle.

77. Blinds

78. Air filters and air vents

79. Reusable grocery bags

80. Bookshelves

81. Thermostat– this is one of those places I’m constantly forgetting about and it’s touched multiple times a day. Simply wipe clean with a disinfecting wipe or an alcohol swab.

person with striped shirt cleaning windows outside


So, now that we have covered the inside of the home it’s time to think about all the places we may forget on the outside. 

82. Outside garbage bins

83. Recycling bins

84. Grill

85. Patio Furniture

86. Garage

87. Windows

88. Gutters

89. Doors

90. Handrails

Even if you have a cleaning routine and have got in the habit of cleaning certain places in your home consistently, there may be things that you are forgetting to clean. A monthly cleaning schedule can help with this as well as doing a deep clean twice a year. 

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Hopefully, this list will help you realize all the places that should be kept clean but might be getting neglected. Just add a few jobs into your weekly cleaning routine so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Luckily, most of these jobs won’t take long to complete and the reward is a cleaner home you can be proud of.

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